Zero Balancing

Massage Treatments - Manchester


  • Establishes a balance between energy and structure within the body,
  • Introduces clearer energy fields within the body,
  • Enhances overall function and the feeling of well-being,
  • Works by releasing tensions, clarifying energy lows and promotes deeper alignment.

For flexibility and posture — focuses on the group of joints that are involved in the smooth transmission of forces through the weight bearing skeleton.
Stress reduction — an effective and gentle way of dealing with accumulated stress in the body and mind.
Body pain — generates an active and conscious feeing of well being.


Not all treatments are effective for all people.
The session will begin with a consultation to discuss the problem(s) and the possible causes of the problem and the required outcome from the treatment. From this the proposed treatment for the session will evolve and be agreed upon by the client and myself.

At the end of the session the results will be evaluated and if necessary a further treatment session agreed upon.
Also, if appropriate, the client will be given a range of exercises that can be carried out at home.

If you're searching for a way to improve your feeling of well-being, whilst minimising pain, discomfort and emotional stress, the answer may lie in zero balancing massage.

Zero balancing was developed by Fritz Smith MD (a pioneer in the fields of osteopathy, acupuncture and medicine) in 1970s. By utilising comfortable finger pressure and traction, the therapist engages the body's energy. The result is a deeper feeling of relaxation, bodily function and internal well-being. 

Many patients have found zero balancing therapy to be particularly helpful in improving flexibility and posture. 

Based in Manchester, Martin Speakman is an experienced practitioner of the zero balance massage technique, offering affordable treatment to clients throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas. 

To help decide which treatment method would best target your individual symptoms, Martin will provide an in-depth consultation as part of your initial session. As part of this process, he will discuss with the patient the potential causes of the complaint, along with the desired outcome from the course of treatment. 

At the end of the first session, the results will be evaluated and the necessary course of treatment will be agreed upon between Martin and the patient. To further aid recovery, patients may be asked to complete a range of exercises at home.

Zero balancing can help patients suffering from a wide array of complaints to feel better. To find out if you could benefit, why not get in touch with Martin Speakman to arrange your initial session? A course of treatment with one of Manchester's leading practitioners could hold the key to your recovery.