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Connective Tissue Manipulation — CTM

This is a manual treatment that works on specific areas and interfaces with the skin and underlying connective tissue, which is a continuous membrane that covers all the body and directly connects all the way through to the central nervous system.

It is generally considered a reflex therapy which works on the autonomic nervous system and hence also through the dermatomes of the autonomic nervous system.

Tensions in the fascia and connective tissue can result in deeper problems or these tensions can result from underlying problems. Using CTM to release these tensions may result in the resolution of the deeper problems.

For the treatment of skeletal/muscular problems the CTM is directly on the myofascia of the muscles.

Connective Tissue Manipulation:
(a) as a treatment:- release fascia tensions, promotes relaxation, improves superficial circulation, so benefits- muscular dysfunctions, tensions and nervous problems, headaches, bones and joints, such as the after effects of a fracture or the side effects of arthritis.
(b) as a pre-treatment:- for Neuromuscular therapy, for Muscle Energy work (MET and PNF)