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Massage Treatments Including Sports Injury Massage, Swedish Massage and More in Manchester


I work in private practice providing remedial treatments and also teach massage and sports therapy in Manchester.

The basic massage form is frequently known as Swedish (style) massage. Developed many years ago to assist athletes, in particular gymnasts, to recover from the affects of training and competition to improve their limb range of movement and strength. Also aids recovery from the physical and mental stress of training and competition.
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This form massage has now developed in to Sports Massage, with post-event sports being the most popular form.

Sports massage when combined with relevant exercises;

  • Aids recover from exercise and competition
  • Improves vascular circulation,
  • Aids the removal of lactic acid and other toxins produced by physical exertion.

Swedish style massage is very popular and is generally used to aid relaxation and recovery from everyday stress and trauma. This also:

  • Creates a feeling of well-being
  • Reduces physical and mental stress
  • Promotes and enhances relaxation
  • Aids recovery, reducing aches and pains.

Where appropriate Swedish style massage can be combined with aspects of Sports Massage.

The basic form of massage is commonly referred to as the Swedish massage. Techniques have been practiced for many years, since the therapy was developed to aid athletes' recovery (particularly gymnasts) from the strains associated with training and competing.

With proven results, Swedish massage, over time evolved into modern sports massage and continues to help athletes of all disciplines increase the range of their limb movement and muscular strength. When combined with the relevant exercises, patients can see a number of benefits including:

  • Faster recovery from training, exercise and competition

  • A boost in vascular circulation

  • Removal of the lactic acid and toxins produced as a by-product of physical exertion

Swedish massage can be used as a relaxation therapy and has been shown to help patients recover from the symptoms of stress and trauma. This helps to improve well-being and alleviate stress and pain.

Both the Swedish and sports form of massage are offered by Martin J Speakman. Martin also teaches both therapies to students throughout Manchester. If you'd like to arrange a session or simply learn more about the options available, please don't hesitate to get in touch.